Fly With Us (First Love Yourself)

Podcasters:Nikki Webb, Angie Washington, A. Slate Williamson

Category:Holistic, Meditation and Yoga, Law of Attraction, Self-Help, Life Coaching

Frequency: Weekly


The Fly With Us podcast is a
podcast about simple steps we can take daily to improve our Self-Care.

We do our best to unpack those every day situations that can get you down. We research tons of what could be complex information and we simplify it in a great conversation amongst friends.

Fly With Us is hosted by
Ladi Bounce, Kryptonite and A. Slate. Join us on a journey to Self-Love, Self-Care, Mental Health Care and Protection Life Lessons, love lessons and
everything in between!

About the Podcasters

Ladi Bounce is an Intervention Specialist and Special Education Coordinator. She is a proud Daytonian and community advocate. Ladi Bounce is a graduate of Central State University and holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Education.~ Intervention Specialist. Ladi Bounce is a 2019 recipient of the Ambition Award presented by Ambition Magazine.

Ladi Bounce has always had a knack for sensing the needs of others and trying to fulfill those needs. The people on this Earth with the greatest needs are children. Ladi Bounce is a natural teacher with a strong desire to share her ideas and inspire those around her. She takes her commitment to her students and their families very seriously. Her favorite quote is by Maya Angelou; “No one can do everything, but everyone can do something”. Ladi Bounce is doing her ‘something’ everyday to make those in her care a little better, stronger, smarter and a little more ready to take on the world.

A.Slate is a Poet, Spoken Word Artist, Recording Artist, Author, and Actress. A. Slate has performed at University of
Dayton’s ARTStreet Events and at the Off Broadway Theatrical Revue of Urban Creative Arts The Signature: A Poetic Medley Show held at The Loft Theatre. Slate’s spoken word performances awarded her the title of 1st Runner-Up, in 2015, at The Signature’s: Last Poet Standing. A. Slate is also a 2019 recipient of the Ambition Award presented by Ambition Magazine.

A.Slate is the Founder of “The WRITElife Village” which provides local students with a safe platform to express themselves freely and creatively without bias, fear, or judgment. Owner and Operator of Slatehouse Ink Publishing, she recently published her first collection of poetry, “Lifelines and Legacies” and “Biggie’s Little World” in addition to The WRITElife Presents Series which features selected works from students in the Dayton area.

A.Slate is indeed an instrument that brings the written word to life with each purposed new idea and creation. Residing in the light of Poet Laureate Paul Laurence Dunbar she thrives on her Daytonian roots to leave a legacy that empowers, uplift and inspires. “Life is a poem, which everyone is writing. I am just a slate.”

Kryptonite is a Healthcare Professional. She is an advocate for mental wellness and a community Servant. She uses her life experiences to uplift her community. She has participated in mentoring our youth, self-help advice for parents and women. Her love for community wellness is unmatched! She brings her talents to the podcast for the upliftment of everyone who listens.

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