SIGN: Spiritual Indicator for Growth Now

Podcaster: Charbel Tadros

Category: General Spirituality

Frequency: Random


SIGN is a podcast by Charbel Tadros that explores various topics related to spirituality, self-help and the community. Each episode can be used as an inspiration and reminder of the synchronicities (destined coincidences) that happen around you.

About the Podcaster

Charbel Marcellino Tadros was born on July 16, 1988. He is an avid reader and has been writing since a very young age. He holds a BA in English Pedagogy from the Lebanese University and a MA in Education with an emphasis on Special Education from Notre Dame University. He has worked as a school improvement consultant, an English coordinator and instructor at La Sagesse University, a teacher trainer at the Lebanese University, and as a teacher and program coordinator in many schools, in addition to working as a digital marketing manager at Kindy Manager. He is currently the CEO at Future Academy in Sydney runs his own website building and digital marketing business.

In 2010, Charbel published his first novel, “The Destined Journey”, which turned out to be a success in Lebanon and the world. Later on, he published a spiritual poetry collection entitled “When the Spirit Speaks” followed by “Leviathan”, the first part of his “War of the Heavens” series. This was followed by “Aboard the S.S.Vanish”, the first part of the “Heaven’s Rascals” series of children’s novels and “7 Secrets to Get your Prayers Answered”, a spiritual guidebook for kids and adults. Most recently, he published “The Divine Diaries” and the instant success book “Developing the Spirit Personality”.

In 2014, Charbel started Tadros Publishing services to aid aspiring authors in getting published through Amazon and Kindle. Contact him for more information.

Charbel Tadros is a founding member in the WataniY and SeedArz organizations. He was a charter member in the Lions Clubs in Lebanon and is currently a charter member and president of the Sydney Autism Community Lions Club. He has been in many local and international interviews talking about his earlier publications and has lectured about many topics including spirituality, teaching, special education and career planning. Moreover, Charbel was a Tedx speaker at TEDxNDU’s main event.