Soul Binge

Podcaster: Jared Ready

Category: General Spirituality, Self-Help, Overall Encouragement

Frequency: Weekly


An open conversation, focused around seeking and finding what the SOUL needs to both survive, and thrive. This tireless, constant effort to grow and develop could never have enough resources to accomplish the goal. Soul Binge is simply a place where that growth is possible. The examples of Jesus and Scripture will help us get there, along with a desire to seek with urgency. Let’s Soul Binge together!

About the Podcaster

Jared has been involved in church ministry for a long time, with specifically ten years of consistent youth ministry. For the last six of those years, he and his wife, Ashlyn, have served as student pastors for their church where they live in San Antonio Texas. Jared and Ashlyn have two boys, Jaxon and Jude. As a musician, song writer, public speaker, minister, and overall encourager, Jared seeks to use this podcast platform as a way to spread hope as far as possible.

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