Soul Nectar Show

Podcaster: Kerri Hummingbird

Category: General Spirituality, Life Coaching

Frequency: Weekly



Soul: The spiritual part of a person that is believed to give life to the body.
Nectar: A thick sweet juice made from a particular fruit.

Do you enjoy deep spiritual conversation, hearing people’s inspirational life stories, and learning new ways to increase peace, joy, connection and prosperity?

Each week on Soul Nectar is another inspirational story of connection to essence, purpose, joy and love along with the vulnerable realities of the spiritual journey. Come along with us!

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Kerri Hummingbird

About the Podcaster

You may have guessed that sucking the nectar out of life is my passion. Indeed, hummingbirds follow their hearts to sweetness and miraculously find it even in the most unlikely circumstances. Many lessons can be learned when you open to receive guidance from this powerful little animal ally.

Eight years ago my life, in many ways, started a whole new book. There was the Kerri Lawnsby that worked for 20 years as a technical and marketing communications consultant in Silicon Valley, was immersed in a challenging marriage, struggled through weekly psychotherapy, and took prescription pills for diagnosed mental illness. And then… there was the spark of Kerri Hummingbird.

Reinventing yourself is the most powerful act of sovereignty you can claim for yourself. It’s a huge bid for power. Every hurdle is deliciously sweet in the wisdom squeezed from the experience. You transition from an asleep person with a programmed mind into a wide-awake co-creator of the epic story of your life.

Would you like to take your own sacred journey?

You can rewrite the story of your life through inner transformation, connection to essence, remembrance of purpose, and realignment to authenticity and truth. Discover the reinvention process by downloading the free ebook, Reinvent Yourself: Indulge Your Deepest Desires By Becoming Who You Are Starving To Be.

You may be wondering why you should consider me as a mentor. Perhaps you’ll find some answers in my award-winning best-selling books: Awakening To Me: One Woman’s Journey To Self Love and From We To Me: Emerging Self After Divorce. Wisdom is gained through surviving difficult circumstances and thriving.

You are welcome to discover more about my certifications:

Energy medicine by the Four Winds Light Body school
Spiritual coach by the Artist of the Spirit Coach Training Program
Empowerment and firewalk training by Sundoor
Warrior Goddess Facilitator

And you might just be inspired by Soul Nectar Show.